California Institute of Dental Education

3585 Telegraph Road, Suite B
Ventura CA 93003

Tel: (805) 676-1063 or (805) 676-1611
Fax: (805) 676-1521  

Adult oral certification course $2,400.00 (3-day course Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

Adult oral sedation re-certification course $965.00 (1-day course) 

Conscious sedation re-certification course $1,250 
(2-day course Saturday-Sunday)

Staff participation $865 
(per staff member -  3-day initial certification course)

Staff participation $450  (per staff member 1-day re-certification course)

Participants may cancel and receive a 100% refund of their tuition up to seven (7) business days before participation.  Any cancellation for any reason after the 7th day before the initial course date will result in a $250 forfeiture fee to cover administration expenses; the rest of the pre-paid tuition will be refunded. There will be NO REFUND for any cancellation in less than 24 hours before the first day of the course, for any no-shows, and for any reason after the completion of the course. Any and all tuition refunds will be conducted within three (3) business days after notification.

CIDE reserves the right to cancel any of the courses at any time. In case 
of cancellation, participants will be reimbursed any tuition fees paid. 
CIDE and its officers will not be responsible for any incidental damages 
including but not limited to travel and accommodation expenses, time 
arranged to be out of the office, potential loss of income, and so forth.


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