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 California Institute of Dental Education

3585 Telegraph Road, Suite B
Ventura CA 93003
Tel: (805) 676-1063 

The California Institute of Dental Education is located by the Pacific Ocean before the 101 freeway diverts northly to drive towards Santa Barbara.

We have been having many participants coming out of town, this is to provide some personalized suggestions on where to stay and what to do.

Which airport is closest?

The airport of choice is the LAX. It is located 70 miles away from Ventura. You first take the 405 freeway north and then the 101 north. When there is no traffic, it takes a bit over an hour to drive. Driving during rush hours can be harsh though, especially at the beginning on the 405 freeway. Therefore, if you pick the right time for arrival (which means late evening) you avoid traffic. Early morning on weekends is an excellent choice as well. 


Where should I stay?

The go-to local hotel in Ventura, popular and good service is the Marriot in Oxnard. Nothing too fancy, practical, what you need for accommodation. Oxnard is located 10 minutes away from Ventura. There is also another Marriot in Camarillo, which a bit further, 15 minutes away.


Another “easy-going” not fancy but practical and good stay is the Hampton Inn in Camarillo. 15 minutes away from the office, but next to the Camarillo Outlet.


If you are looking for a “resort” type of stay, i.e. looking to combine your stay with spending time with your “significant other” a good proposal could be the Four Seasons in Westlake. This would be Dr. Proussaefs personal choice, very highly recommended, with excellent restaurants inside the hotel, incredible outdoor and indoors pool and gardens. This hotel will make you stay memorable. It is not close to Ventura, 35 minutes away, but drivable. It is located on the way from the airport to Ventura, so in a way it makes you drive from the airport shorter. More expensive than the above options, but very reasonably priced for a Four Season. If you feel like treating yourself while taking our course, this is the place to go.


Another “resort” accommodation, in case you want to make your trip memorable, is the Ritz Carton Bacara in Santa Barbara. It is 30-35 minutes’ drive north from Ventura. It is located in front of the ocean. This hotel has an amazing lay-out. Highly recommended during summertime.

Where should I eat/dine?

There are plenty of chain-corporate restaurant everywhere. This is to provide you with some unique dining options either on the “casual” side or on the “formal-memorable” side.

The must-go local restaurant is the Greek restaurant Stephens which is located few blocks away from our facility in Ventura. Not a fancy restaurant, it is a casual set-up, but the food is simply amazing. Dr. Proussaefs favor local restaurant. The owner is Greek and he supervises in the kitchen every single dish. This is the place to order meat, not fish. Their favorite is the New York rib-eye, but everything they make is excellent.


There is a Harbor in Ventura with many restaurants by the ocean, the Ventura Harbor, two exits away from our facility. Well worth going there. What is unique is eating by the ocean and walking after your dinner by the ocean. There are two places worth visiting:

One is the Andrea’s seafood. Perfect fish place. Not formal at all, very casual, the fish is amazing. Fired calamari, frilled wild salmon, their best. It si always packed with people for a good reason.

The other choice is the Greek by the Harbor, Greek restaurant in front of the ocean. They have music and show Friday night and Saturday night. Service is slow, food is authentic, try to grilled lamp chops.

For a “quick bite” Sushi and Grill (in case you like sushi) is the local favorite sushi place. Not a fancy restaurant, very high-quality sushi, local restaurant in Ventura 3 minutes away from our facility.

For meat lovers, who do not want to drive far, Texas De Brazil in Oxnard, 10 minutes away from our office, is a very good option.


If you do not mind driving, and want a memorable experience, the best restaurant in Southern California is the Tony Taverna in Malibu. It is 1 hour away from our facility, the driving is very nice you get to see Malibu, it is a scenic drive, looking at the ocean from the mountains while driving, and the restaurant is just superb. Friday and Saturday night, they have high quality live music, Dr. Proussaefs opinion: A night you will remember.


Another excellent choice is the Mediterraneo in Westlake Village. About 35 minutes away from Ventura, taking 101 freeway going east. Top of the line steakhouse, one single place where adults can enjoy fine dining, get the next-by bar after dinner, and kids can play at the playground. An incredible place, always busy. 

The Onyx in Westlake (inside the Four Seasons) is the ideal high-end fish restaurant, 35 away east on 101 from our facility. Sushi and fish at its finest level. Very elegant environment, the nice thing, you can enjoy after dinner the next-by bar with desserts and drinks offered at the balcony.

What should I do during my stay if coming with family?

In case you decide to make your trip a family trip, the Universal Studios need no introduction. They are located one-hour east from our facility, by taking the 101-freeway eastbound.

Going north, there is a local zoo, the Santa Barbara zoo. Not as fancy and famous as the San Diego zoo, but a nice place for kids and adults to spend some time.

There is an excellent shopping option, only 15 minutes away from our facility, the Camarillo Outlet. Many brand-name cloth and jewelry firms are having shops in this Outlet. This Outlet can be a full day project on its own.

During summertime, the local beaches nearby our office offer an excellent way to spend the time. Dining in a local restaurant by the Harbor after spending time at the beach offers a vacation feeling.

For participants who have never visited California before, taking the kids to Disneyland (it is not close though, 100 miles or 2 hours away) will make their stay well worth remembering.


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