Adult Oral Sedation CERTIFICATION Course

California Institute of Dental Education

3585 Telegraph Road, Suite B
Ventura CA 93003
Tel: (805) 676-1063 
Our certification course for Adult Oral Conscious Sedation has been approved by the Dental Board of California. Board-Approved certificates are offered to enrollees who complete the course for the States of California,  Arizona, and Indiana.

The certification course entails 25 hours of training and experience of minimum one (1) clinical case involving minimal oral conscious sedation. The course is typically offered during the weekend.
Upon completion, participants will earn twenty five (25) CE hours. 

The 2024 schedule course dates are:

March 22nd - 24th  

July 26th - 28th 

December 13th - 15th 


Course Objectives

The course is designed to meet the educational requirements for certification in the use of oral (minimal) conscious sedation for adult patients as described in the California Code of Regulations, Title 16 Article 5.5, Section 1044.3. The purpose of this course is to prepare the participant to deliver safe and effective pharmacologic oral sedation for adult patients. At the conclusion of the course, the participant should be able to select optimal oral sedative regimen for a given patient and use that regimen safely.

After completing the course participants should be able to:

  1. Become familiar with the terminology of minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia.
  2. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of different routes of drug administration.
  3. Utilize nitrous oxide and oxygen safely in conjunction with oral sedatives.
  4. Describe the pharmacokinetic principles that affect drugs used for adult oral sedation.
  5. Compare and select different drugs based on their benefits and limitations.
  6. Describe the indications, contraindications, and limitations of various drugs used for adult oral sedation.
  7. Become familiar with pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative documentation associated with adult oral sedation.
  8. Utilize proper monitoring for adult oral sedation.
  9. manage patients during recovery period.
  10. Handle emergencies related to adult oral sedation.
  11. Review medical history and medical conditions that can be related to adult oral sedation.

    Course outline

  12. Day 1: Friday

    8.15 – 9.00:     Breakfast (provided)) and registration

    9.00 – 1.00:     Clinical case demonstration(s)**

    1.00 – 2.00:     Lunch (Provided)

    2.00 – 3.30:     Rules and regulations in oral sedation

    3.30 – 3.50:     Break

    3.50 – 5.00:     Medically compromised patients in relation to oral sedation

    ** Schedule subject to change depending on patient schedule.


    Day 2: Saturday

    8.15 – 9.00:                 Breakfast (provided)

    9am – 10.30 am:         Drugs and pharmacology general principles / routes of administration

    10.30am – 10.50am:   Break

    10.50am – 12.30pm:   Use of Nitrous oxide in oral and moderate sedation

    12.30pm – 1.45pm:     Lunch

    1.45pm – 3.30pm:       Monitoring oral and moderate sedation / general emergencies

    3.30pm – 3.45pm:       Break

    3.45pm – 5.00pm:       Review drugs and Nitrous oxide, Q&A


    Day 3: Sunday

    8.15 – 9.00:                 Breakfast (provided) and registration

    9am – 10.30am:          Rules and regulations Part II: CA Dental Board regulations

    10.30 – 10.50am:        Break

    10.50am – 12.30pm:   Drugs and pharmacology.

    12.30pm – 1.45pm:     Lunch (provided)

    1.45pm – 3.30pm:       Emergencies in oral and moderate sedation

    3.30pm – 4.30pm:       Review emergencies, Q&A








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